“Studio 60” scores again

Much of this week’s “Studio 60” tied up or twisted old plot lines. The episode has one character revealing growing feelings for another – but whoever hasn’t seen that coming must not be watching the show at all. Now that I think about it, you might count two more instances of that. Still, the show was funny again.

One subplot in the show – and here I don’t really spoil the story – involves refugee musicians from New Orleans. Danny hires several of them to get them some cash and union cards. The tiny end credits ran by quickly and we didn’t catch the answers to what we’re curious about. Are the musicians in the City of New Orleans band actual refugee musicians? Did Sorkin and his crew write about refugee musicians and have them play on the show just so that they could hire these folks? Anyone know?

UPDATE: Someone does know. Check the informative links in the comments to this post, especially the link to this Times-Picayune article. The musicians are all New Orleans refugees, although they may not all be starving and need union cards.

Elvi possesses the musical ear in our family and she tells me that these guys were excellent. She says the trumpeter could be a Marsalis in quality.

UPDATE: In fact, Wynton Marsalis calls himself the biggest fan of that trumpeter, Troy “Trombone Shorty” Andrews.

Bonus pointer to Sunday’s Gazette:

The photo isn’t on the newspaper’s Web site, but the Gazette had a photo of the tree on Marcil I mentioned yesterday.

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  1. I googled ‘studio 60’ and ‘trumpet’ to find these details, so thank you very much for going to the effort of posting the comment, and adding the extra detail.

    I’m in Australia and download this show as soon as it’s done airing every week. I’ve been a big fan since episode 1, but the end of this one left me with a catch in my throat, such was the quality of the musicians performing. Had I been in the audience, I for one would certainly have been applauding my heart out.

    Thanks again,


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