Nothing really important

I’m not doing much other than catching up on Reader’s Digest work, finishing edits on the book with second Alex, and doing researchy things for the original Alex.

Oh, and I’m spending too much time at I Can Has Cheezburger?, a blogfest of images like this one:

Oh, yeah – I’ve also added some goodies to my 101 Squadron CafePress shop. (You can be the first to purchase a thong.) And I added a link to Curt Schilling’s blog.

Bonus superfluous bonus:

This is sorta weird and cool. I found it in my stats.

Popping my head in

Spent the last five days subsisting on Advil, tea, and sleep. I was able to take Children Two and Three to skate at the Bell Centre Friday night.

Tonight, Child Two and I went to “Bridge to Terabithia”. I didn’t need that – although I was impressed with how far Klasky Csupo’s animation/effects have come since “Duck Man”.

Happy Pi Day!

Check out the time of this post…. Since there’s no 31 April or Duodecember 3, this has to do.

Lots of good news yesterday. I’ll be teaching JOUR 519 this summer. It’s the diploma program version of what I’ve already taught. I’ll also be applying for a limited term appointment (LTA) in the department, which is a decent paying one-year position for six or seven courses.

BravoFACT decided to fund Alex’s short film, and with any luck we’ll be doing that in just over a month.

I’ll finish the book this week if this cold doesn’t take me down for a few days.