Pangs, part I: pride

One of the things I do once in a while is build aircraft skins for WarBirds. I’ve posted two of them, but I recently came across a photo that adds a little meaning to this little hobby. On this computer screen, you can see a skin I created. It’s the Tomahawk Mk IIB (P-40C for you Yanks) flown by Neville Duke when he was shot down over North. Duke had scored three kills in this aircraft and would become the highest scoring Allied ace in the Mediterranean theatre.

That’s him in the photograph below, approving my work.

Here is a better view of my skin, followed by a photo of the real thing.

Duke passed away a week ago.

Bonus video:

Speaking of that generation of British pensioners, here’s a song.

Promised pix

Here’s an action shot of Child Three. I have no idea where the puck is – the kids are looking in four different directions.

Here’s Bodie after another goal. Get your autograph requests in now.

I’ve been keeping busy. I’m finishing up that Afghanistan research, preparing the ground for Alex’s shoot in late May, and about to start on a new contract to edit semi-pro fiction and whip it into shape then lay it out.

My neurotic dog won’t let me brush his shedding coat, not even for a piece of rib steak.

“House” was great this week.

Well, that about does it for pithy screenwriting commentary this month….

Child Three shellacked

While I was drafting my seventh-place Irrational League team, Child Three played the first game of another hockey tournament. His team won 12-7, and his play earned kudos from the other parents. I took him to yesterday’s game, and as he got dressed some parents continued to remark how well he played the day before.

Well, no one said anything after yesterday’s game.

The NDG team was outplayed, even with Bodie. (If in 12 years time, you hear that an NHL team drafted a Montrealer named Bodie, it will be this kid.) I kept track of the shots: 35-21 in favour of Chambly. Final score was 16-15, also in favour of Chambly.

Child Three was definitely the better of the two goalies, and he did make some good saves. But he wasn’t concentrating or working hard enough. he spent half the game standing inside the net and he didn’t pay attention to his stick work. It’s a shame, because almost all the goals he let in were easily stoppable. There’s not much point in making the hard stops if the easy ones get by.

(I took photos, but the wife seems to have absconded with the camera so I’ll post them later.)

Bonus fantasy baseball update:

I was all set last night to watch Chris Young shred the Dodgers. That game did not help me out a whole lot. Here are my stats post-draft:

.244 batting average (10th)
16 HR (2nd tie)
61 RBI (5th)
7 SB (6th)
3.90 ERA (8th)
1.474 WHIP (10th)
7 wins (5th)
7 saves (2nd)

I won’t stay in seventh place overall for long, but more importantly, Frank is dead last in tenth place.