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Sorry for the delay in posting. I try not to go more than three days without throwing something out here.

I have no memory of what I did Saturday, so it was either very good or very dull. Sunday I spent with the family and Stuart and a new house guest, Janet, at the St. Laurent street sale and the Eureka science exhibition at the Old Port. I was the only person able to keep the RC aircraft sim in the air for more than 30 seconds at that booth. Still, the activity reaffirmed my desire not to watch hundreds of dollars worth of flying parts disassemble on impact. I’ll keep my flying to things I can sit in or in front of.

Oh, wait – I remember Saturday now. We went to a dinner/pool party and made sushi. I had taken some allergy pills that made me drowsy. I was relaxing on a sofa-swing when the boy jumped on me and spilled my apple-tini on my shirt. I washed it off and had a nap. The mosquitoes woke me and I was grumpy, then Elvi accidentally dumped a chocolate-tini on my again dry shirt. I threw my (plastic) glass down and stomped off to the car to get more sleep. Good times.

Yesterday, I taught (sort of; it was an in-class assignment) then helped Alex with credits for the short. I saw a rough cut – it’s funny and it works, but it feels a bit squeezed into the six minutes we have to work with.

Alex also asked me to check out a script he submitted to iScript, which takes your script and assembles a cast of readers to perform it. It’s like out TriggerStreet gang, but with more talent and for $175 (US). I haven’t listened to it yet, but my initial suspicion is that you could record (and feed) a local gang of hungry actors for less, much less if you can borrow a microphone and recorder.

Bonus on Child One:

Child One achieved the highest score in her school for this year’s Gauss Contest (math).

Bonus fantasy baseball trade:

I sent away Bob Wickman (and a warm body in Tony Graffanino) for Chris Sampson and Marcus Giles.

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