Twenty-four hours in Toronto

I took the train Wednesday night and despite my time bonus (q.v.) I didn’t stock up on food for the trip. I ate a $4.75 VIA Rail egg sandwich for supper. The train was 40 minutes late because it had to slow down to pass work crews.

At Union Station, I took the subway two stops to Queen St. The exit dumped me on the north side of Queen, which temporarily disoriented me because I’d been traveling north on the subway. I walked west thinking it was east, but I figured it out when I hit Yonge St. I grabbed the streetcar to my sister’s place. The ride was surprisingly quick.

My sister let me in and I checked my e-mail and had cole slaw and chocolate-chip cookies for supper. I tried to engage my little brother in a Google chat but could only pry six words out of him. My sister’s guest room was hot, the ceiling fan went “clicka clicka clicka” and buses and streetcars passed outside the open window throughout the night. I’ve had more restful nights.

Our meeting with the JWVC went well. After Lou spent some time telling us stories, we got down to business. We are not the first group to propose a film, but we may wind up the first successful project. Lou took the three of us out for lunch afterward.

I didn’t say much in the meeting, but I listened. On the surface, it might not have seemed worth the trip but, as I told Mike, I gained much more out of the conversation than I would have hearing about it second-hand.

For the trip home, I stashed a burger from Harvey’s in my bag, along with a copy of Air Enthusiast ($20!), which I want to pitch later this summer. Oh, and while VIA Rail trumpets its WiFi service, it doesn’t tell you it costs $9 an hour, not that I have a laptop battery that will last that long. I did break down and buy another power cord/adapter for my Dell because Dell is glacially slow in filling its recall replacements, but the train has no outlets to plug into.

I’m also left wondering who approved the bullets-through-glass upholstery pattern on the train seats….

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