Child Two’s philanthropy

Child Two decided to get a haircut before camp and donate those 15 inches of hair she’s holding to Locks of Love.

In other news, it looks like I may be helping Alex on another short. I need to look up funding deadlines today.

I’m also toying (again) with the idea of creating a mechanima music video for DUBB. I need to talk to a producer about getting funding to do that. That, I know can get money for, unlike my book-launch trip. I plan to use an action sequence from one of my scripts as the basis for the video.

I’m writing notes for Robert the director and for Alex. Robert’s is done and we’ll be meeting next week. Alex’s I will tackle this weekend, hopefully before poker night on Sunday, to avoid any awkward moment. Awkward for me alone – Alex doesn’t pressure me, but I do.

The Jewish War Veterans of Canada enthusiastically accepted our documentary pitch, but we’re waiting to hear whether anyone will pay us to make it. In the meantime, I’ve been invited to pitch some ideas to another documentary project, involving Lou Lenart.

I also have a Web consulting job on the horizon, and there’s always more Reader’s Digest work if I want it.

All this opportunity makes me nervous.

Bonus baseball bitching:

My big trades have netted me a grand total of one win, crappy pitching, sub-par batting average, two HRs, 19 RBIs, and one stolen base. The players I’ve given up have since amassed ten HRs (Tony “Bambino” Graffanino is driving me nuts), 24 RBIs, two SBs, and have hit for an average average. Oh, yeah – and Wickman has three saves and a win.

Keep me away from the trading button. I can draft, but I sure can’t trade.

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