Things I don’t understand

1) Why about 100 people a day have been coming to this blog through Google image searches that result in the film clapper in this post.

2) Why somebody in Australia did a text search for “Frank Cavallaro Hair” (and found the blog with it).

3) Why it’s a struggle to do all this correcting when the work isn’t too bad.

4) Why most folks, including myself, can only get to the official WarBirds forum server sporadically – like a half hour every few days – while others have 24-hour access.

5) Why Naila keeps challenging me at Facebook Scrabble – although I do enjoy the games.

Going back to Cali

Had I known that American Airlines charges nearly as much to transfer air miles as a paid ticket costs, I never would have asked, but thank you for all the kind offers.

I do have enough to get me to my Anaheim book launch and I have made flight reservations. In order to avoid an overnight stay in DFW, I’ll be flying into and out of different airports. It’s also more convenient given my itinerary, which follows:

Wednesday, Aug. 22: Arrive at John Wayne Airport a bit after noon. Coincidentally, a friend is moving from Brazil to Anaheim this month. I’ll be staying with him initially.

Thursday and Friday and possibly part of Saturday: Hang out at a table at the IPMS convention, selling books and chatting with Israeli researchers with similar interests. We’ve invited Lou Lenart to appear, and it looks like he’ll be with us part of the time, too.

The convention is being held at the Anaheim Marriott, about two blocks from Disneyland. If you’re close enough, please do visit (and buy a book maybe?) The convention has some field trips in the works: Thursday and Saturday to the Chino aviation museums and Saturday to the American Society of Military History Armor Museum in El Monte. Friday might be the best day to come visit me. Scott, are you willing to drive across the city?

I plan to take in an Angels game one evening, but my other evenings should be more or less free.

Sometime Saturday, I’ll decamp from Anaheim and move north to Whittier to stay with some old family friends. I’ll fly out from the Ontario airport Monday morning, with several dozen books to sell to all those who can’t make it to Anaheim.

For good or bad: my book

I’m holding a copy of “Avia S-199 in Israeli Air Force Service”, my first authored book.

The main thing on my mind is the question “Didn’t my publisher look at the galley proofs?”

Ironically, as I teach desktop publishing and layout, the book leaves something to be desired in design. The font is a bit large but worse, the paragraphs have neither indented first lines nor spaces between them. The result is long columns of text blocks that are difficult to look at and read.

Although I wrote every word that appears in the book, I freely admit that most of its value is in the photographs and aircraft profiles. Many of the photos have never been published before and have significant historical value. The problem is that the printer used low-resolution copies of the images (from a mock-up, maybe?) instead of the high-resolution images that the publisher supplied. That’s a mistake that should have been caught. Alas, the publisher already paid the printer and has no leverage to use for corrections.

With some luck and work, we’ll sell enough copies of this version to raise the cash for a second printing. I am trying to get enough American Airlines air miles to pay for a trip to the book launch in late August – but that’s another post. (Anyone want to donate miles? See my profile for my e-mail address.)

Don’t get me wrong. I think the book is still a valuable contribution to Israeli history, military history, and scale-model builders. I just wish it looked better so I could feel a little more proud and less icky when I start to sell copies.