Two more days

Alex Y. reneged on his pledge to give me lifts to and from the convention, which could have been a pain in the ass had I not friends who are willing to pick up the slack.

Yesterday, I was stuck in the morning. I don’t have a cell phone – well, let me start there.

All my work is done at home or in the classroom. I have a landline phone I use at home and I wouldn’t take alls when I teach. I have no use for a mobile phone when I work, and I don’t want calls when I’m off. Once in a while a phone comes in handy, and at those times I borrow Elvi’s – not the greatest solution because she uses a phone with a Bay Area area code. Whatever.

OK, back to Anaheim. My host, Roland, has a cell phone but no landline yet. He only moved in a few weeks ago. I borrow his phone when I need it. When I’m with Alex Y., I borrow his phone if I need it. So far, I’ve only called one when I’m with the other.

Yesterday morning, Roland had an early morning appointment, and Alex was supposed to pick me up at 11. My friend Stuart flew down from the Bay Area for the day to meet me and pick up a book. He e-mailed me offering to pick me up. I e-mailed back saying that Alex would.

I went to wait for Alex in front of the apartment complex, at which point I was without communication. I waited until 11:30, then borrowed a phone to call Alex. It sounds less complex than it was when I describe it, but I got Alex and Stuart in touch from afar and Stuart gave me a lift to the convention.

I’ve signed some books over the last two days. We haven’t sold as many copies as we’d have liked, but sales at the convention as a whole are slow. Alex did find a distributor for the books, which is good for him – irrelevant for me, but good for him. I’m making my money by selling my own copies. It’s all part of the joy of small-scale publishing.

I took Roland to the Angels game last night. I wistfully watched Vladimir Guerrero hit two more home runs, this time in an Angels uniform, alas.

Bonus holy cow!

My fantasy baseball team climbed into first place tonight, thanks to a month of better than .300 hitting.

My trades sacrificed some power, and I’ve lost a point in home runs, but I’ve climbed from last to sixth in average.

.270 batting average (6th, .0009 out of 4th)
198 HR (4th, four HR out of 3rd)
799 RBI (2nd)
94 SB (8th)
3.85 ERA (2nd, 0.02 out of first)
1.27 WHIP (1st)
62 wins (5th)
25 saves (7th)

I’m going to lose one point in saves and another in steals, but I hope to gain a few more in batting average, and maybe a point in ERA. Prospects look good, but it’s a very close race and my pitchers are a little ragged (Chuck James, Chris Young, Chris Sampson).

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