Chien brule

I got a haircut Tuesday. I took Crash (Samoyed One) with because he adores the walk my stylist (got a problem with that?) adores him.

At some point, we noticed that he had a a small discoloured patch on his fur. We didn’t know if he’d found some dye or some grease under a chair or what. Then we smelled it: something smelled like it was burning.

Crash had lain down next to the electric baseboard heater and burned the fur on his left hindquarter. He doesn’t seem hurt at all, but he has some small caramelized clumps of fur. I’ll try to get a picture.

Speaking of pictures, some subset of children might get an acting job next month. Headshots are going out today.

Speaking of earning money, I sold a book to the Jewish Public Library yesterday. Now I’m in negotiations to hold a book launch there. I may have to acquire more books from he publisher, though. I’m down to fewer than 20 and that’s without any advertising. One of my tasks for today is to put up a Web page for the book and distribute banner ads for it.

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