Just another sari Sunday

I woke with a headache Sunday morning. It was not a migraine, but it was located where migraine would be. I took a Dilaudid around noon in anticipation of the potential for escalation to migraine and headed off with the family to an Indian tea party and sari fashion show.

I still had the same headache at 2:00, so I popped two oxycodone, or maybe they are hydroxycodone – I’m too lazy to go check. They had the usual effect: I became chatterbox and the inside of my nose itched. But they did nothing for the pain.

We had some wonderful homemade Indian finger food, desserts, and spiced tea. I chatted with the old Indian ladies about Indian recipes, which I used to make often.

After that adventure, we headed to our friends Carol and Charles to make supper. I took another two Dilaudid around 4:00. I laid down on the couch while Elvi whipped up two Alton Brown-inspired meatloaves.

Before supper, I took two extra-strength Tylenol, or maybe it was ibuprofen. On the way home, around 8:00, I took three more Dilaudid.

Yeah, that’s a lot of drugs, but they have little narcotic effect on me. That last batch did the trick. My headache faded by 9:00. I even slept reasonably soundly – I normally don’t on Dilaudid – at least until I spontaneously awoke at 5:00 am.

Bonus annoyance:

Firefox upgraded itself on my Windows laptop and now whenever that browser is open, my laptop freezes for a fifth of a second or so every two seconds or so. Among other inconveniences, it makes typing a blog post an exercise in frustration – about two letters in every 15 just don’t show up.

Bonus unit of fame for Child Three:

Apparently, the West End Chronicle ran a photo of Child Three at goalie clinic, in his red #41 sweater. We haven’t seen the paper, so save a copy for us if you have one.

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