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I’ve broken the tape on that deadline – meaning I made it – but I didn’t get the report in to Reader’s Digest (Canada) because I had a sick Child One to stay home with. No matter. I’ll bring it over in half an hour.

It was a struggle what with Wife One out of town for the weekend.

I normally don’t leave work so close to a deadline, but I couldn’t get this finished last week. Friday, I woke up in time to get Elvi to the airport at 6:15. I came home, made the kids their lunches, brought Two and Three to school, taught my own course, picked up One’s carpool (after waiting an extra half-hour because One herself never quite got me the message that she was staying late), took Child Three to hockey, made dinner for the kids, and was pretty beat by the time I got them to bed that I fell asleep myself at 10:30.

No work there, notice.

Saturday, I woke at 8:00 and did a good two and half hours of work in the morning until the schedule caught up with me again. I took Child Two to acting lessons at 12:45, made lunch for One and Three, picked up Two and dropped her off at a birthday party, took Three to a friend’s house, diagnosed and fixed a problem with the dishwasher, did something else (I didn’t actually take notes), watched the hockey game, picked up Three when he decided not to sleep over at his friend’s, went to bed.

Not much there either.

Sunday morning, I slept in a bit, but still got an hour and a half done in the morning until it was time for Child Three’s hockey. I finally got on a roll after hockey, working ten and a half hours until 3:00 am. Yes, that’s too late, but I was, as I said, on a roll.

I woke up three and a half hours later to get the kids’ lunches made and do the morning carpool shift, and finished up with four and a half hours of work in the morning. Call me the Deadlinerminator. Or not.

I pent the rest of the day working on today’s lecture and giving my 202 class a break by postponing by a week the quiz I had scheduled.

P.S. for Naila:

I said it was Lafleur. I should be an analyst or something.

Bonus mazel tov:

To Brother One (the brother next in line to me; I have two younger brothers), on the birth of his Child One, who is of course my Blood-Nephew Three and Nephew Four overall.

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