5 thoughts on “That Seinfeld commercial

  1. Nice work. You’re the best thing in the ad.

    I guessed you’d done the music because I could tell from my log that you actually are in New Orleans. I see the ad mostly during hockey games up here in Canada, and I thought it was a Canadian ad – and I didn’t expect a Canadian house to go south to film. Is it played on American TV, too?

    My main complaint is that the band members are a little too cliche – far too morose at the start (but, hey, their bus is broken) and too giddy at the end. The guy bouncing up and down and clapping like a five-year-old in the quick last shot drives me nuts.

    I guess my problelm is that I disagree with the value judgment established in the commercial. It would have been a better ad if the driver had found just some non-Goth regular folks who were depressed because their non-Kia had broken down, and cheered them up.

  2. We actually did four different ads.
    The one you saw will run through 2008. They are also showing in the U.S.A.
    Very good observations on your part.
    I think they were possibly focusing in on a colledge age crowd.Check me out on My Space
    Ron “Black” Guidry

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