Why we nap

This is a week with lotsa little stuff going on, but all together it adds up.

This is my last week of teaching, which unfortunately is not my last week of correcting. That’s going to go on deep into next week and beyond.

I’ve arranged for my first-place hockey team to join the Montreal Canadiens’ Learn, Respect, and Fun Program, which involves getting all 14 kids and one parent per to sign a form, after which I hand out patches and stickers. The kids love it. What they’ll love even more is the December 8 trip we’ve arranged for them. Our Panthers, and a few loved ones, will visit the Bell Centre that morning to watch the Habs and then the Hurricanes practice. I myself will probably not be able to attend, but the kids will love it.

An internet marketing firm contacted me and asked to buy some ads on certain of my blog posts. Every so often, I point out how my blog ranks oddly high for some search terms, and it’s paying off. The company even wants to buy some ads on my 101squadron.com site. Don’t ask me to calculate pay per word, though. Yeesh. I couldn’t stand to sell my soul in perpetuity, so instead I’m going to run the ads for the limit approaching infinity in Internet time: a year.

I’ve started my next screenplay – well, sort of. I’ve started researching it. It’s a biography set in the 1930s. Coincidentally, or not, I also poked my head into TriggerStreet for the first time in over six months.

Breaking “Futurama” News

There’s an interview with David X. Cohen over at TV Squad.

Why? What!? Why!? You have to ask why?!?!?!?!! The new “Futurama” DVD comes out tomorrow! And David X. Cohen is head writer and executive producer of the show – the showrunner, we showbiz types say.

Here’s a sample (plus some extra text to help the blockquote not overlap the image of the DVD cover art to the left):

…I would encourage any Fox network executives reading this to ignore the first 20 minutes of the movie where we grind you up into a powder, and please call us up and we’ll be more than happy to be back on Fox as well.