Book news

Monday, I said I’d see about acquiring more of my books, possibly for sale at, but that’s a no go. Our entire print run has been sold, at least at the wholesale level. You can only find it at retailers now – in North America, that’s

Alex Y., my co-author, tells me that many modeling magazines have graced us with glowing reviews – he’s going to scan some and send them to me.

We chatted about the possibility of a second printing. Alex prefers to do a second edition. He’s in pursuit of some colour slides – yes, colour. Apparently, one photographer shot colour film of David Ben-Gurion’s visit to 101 Squadron in August 1948. Alex has seen copies of the results, which exist as colour slides. He has a lead on where to find them, so we’re keeping our fingers crossed. I have a local lead to pursue: the family of a ground crewman in the squadron lives in Montreal. His effects, including memorabilia and photos of his time with the squadron is allegedly in the attic a half hour north of me. I’ve gotta pester them….

We also came to an agreement on a second collaboration, on a book about the B-17 in Israeli service – er, I could say on the three B-17s in Israeli service. For that, my role will be more editor than original writer, which is exactly how I want it. Writing a B-17 text from scratch would take far more research for me than did the book on the Avia S-199 whose history at this point is encoded in my genes. For the B-17 book, Alex will do the bulk of the thinking and I’ll whip it into shape.

Odd dog

(This post will make most sense to those who have met my dog in his natural habitat, our living room. He’s not at all a standard dog. Imagine a cat brain inserted into a dog body and wrapped in an Alvy Singer personality.)

As is happening far too often lately, I was up very late last night. I work best in the mornings and going to bed at 2:00 or 3:00 cuts into my productive hours, which are not merely pushed back to later if I wake up past them.

Regardless, through the evening, Crash (the dog) was acting even more noodgy than usual. He demanded petting with an insistence that bordered on affectionate. He made working on the laptop impossible. Even my growling at him, which usually gets the message across and sends him under his table, didn’t faze him.

Thinking that his perseverance indicated that he had to pee, I put him out in the yard, but he kept at it after he got back inside.

Here’s the bizarre part: Crash actually climbed onto the couch to snuggle.

(Note to those who don’t know Crash. He never climbs onto furniture, only under it. Never. And he never snuggles. Never ever.)

He rested his head on my chest, or under my arm, or into my back, and he even put his nose on my cheek. (Another note: this dog has never licked anyone. Ever.)

When I finally went to bed, the dog followed, which was rare in that he’s usually already in our bedroom asleep with Elvi by that time. For some reason, he was staying with me all night. He tried to find room in our bed (which is low to the floor, futon style) instead of curling up next to it. That’s something he does when he’s scared by weather, but last night was calm.

This morning, Crash has kept following me. He does that normally, but he’s sticking extra close. He even followed me into the bathroom.

That’s not all that’s odd. Crash’s ingenious biological clock has decided that -12-degree weather is the perfect time to shed his winter undercoat.

What’s up with him? Is he sick? Afraid of something? Does he smell that I’m sick? I don’t think he’s finally breaking out of his neurosis….

Bonus plan for later today:

Today is team photo day at hockey practice. Let’s keep fingers crossed that it turns out better than it did for this team:

Quick hits

Please note some additions to my blogroll(s). Glen Rotchin is a local author/schmatte district property manager. His appropriately titled novel is “The Rent Collector”. If you read the Gazette’s book section, you’ve read his book reviews. I think we went to the same high school (Bialik) around the same time.

Don’t you wish your father was geek like me? If so, send him to Geekdad, a cooperative blog from Wired. I’d take a moment to explain it, but there’s too much. The focus is broad: it doesn’t restrict itself to toy-geek, computer-geek, or gamer-geek. It’s a selection of announcements, films, and pointers to anything fun and technical, from wasp biology to origami telescopes to how to get that Rock Band microphone to work. It’s a new daily visit for me.

Speaking of geek dads, I noticed that my book is up at, but it’s not available. I should make some available – once I get more stock. I’m all out.

Child Three visited the Montreal Science Centre without his geek dad yesterday. Click here for his first ever broadcast report. Remember folks, if you’re going to have clones, make sure they have something to do. (The video will only be up for a week, but I may upload it myself later.)

We faced the team we beat 10-0 again this past weekend. This time, they had present a kid who I think might be the best in our league, if the all-star game was any indication. We won again, but only by a 5-2 score. That kid scored both goals, identically: a fake right then a deke left to put it in the open side.

Now, off to shower and do carpool….