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Tax dollars at work

Looking over my Web stats, I noticed a visitor came to my blog through the link in my sig on this AGW post, which is two Toronto Maple Leafs jokes.

Now, the odd part? The visitor’s IP address was, which is the House of Commons.

Nice welcome

I just walked in the door from my first game as coach in 2008. My Novice B boys played a team that was essentially equal to ours in the standings: the same record of 6-1-0 and virtually the same goals for and against. This team provided the third goalie on our all-star game and a player I think just may be the best in our league. I found out when I read the rosters that this skater, however, would be absent today. Still, I prepared my team for a tough game.

We won 10-0. Despite the score, my proudest moment was when the players responded to the coaching staff’s request to stop celebrating goals with the traditional high-five pass by the bench.

Child Three felt a little out of shape by the last period, but he made some nice positional plays.

The team had won yesterday 5-1 against a weaker team in my absence, a game I had expected us to win. But today was a surprise that puts us into first.

I missed yesterday’s game because I was on the road between Albany and Montreal. We’d flown out of and into Albany because the tickets to Houston were several hundreds of dollars less for each of us than they would have been from Montreal. It makes the three-and-a-half hour drive more than acceptable.

I spent my last day in Houston (see pic of three kids somewhere in that city, above, because I’ve made too many image-free posts lately) catching up with two people I wanted to see. The college friends I keep in touch with tend to be those who have stayed in Houston because those are the ones I get to see. Mike and I have spent many years making each other laugh and, in one case, throw up. We played College Bowl together through to an ill-fated trip to the national championships. I’m still embarrassed that in one game I called Jeanne SauvĂ© speaker instead of Governor General. Yeah, I was in there to handle the CanCon.

Mike and I had a nice lunch at, yes, Goode Company and we talked airplanes and politics.

Earlier that morning, I also talked airplanes, with Brett, fellow scribospherian, airplane person, and sports coach. We spent 90 minutes chatting about writing and writers, airplanes, airplane people, and sports. I think Brett has shrunk. He was a good eight feet tall in my memory.

We’re home now, the Wii is set up, bags remain to be unpacked, and we’re going visiting friends for dinner and to pick up the guinea pig and rabbit.

Work wise, things are under control. I have story issues to wrestle with and a class to conjure by Wednesday, but that’s lots of time. The students believe anything I tell them. I love teaching.

Acts of life

I’m working on this biopic and the outlining is going well. The first half of his professional life, up to his triumphant peak, plays out well in story form to that climax, but the key to the story occurs after that. The problem is that much of the plunge is self-destruction, yet metaphorically it is key. There’s no story there otherwise.

Even worse, the self-destruction is primarily internal, while much of the external action consists of travel and procrastination, hardly thrilling fodder for the screen.

I’m confident I can do it, but it’s danged hard. I need to better externalize the inner conflict. I have some ideas….

Bonus discussion of PageRank:

This mystifies me. Do a Google search for “idiot dog” and my blog is second in the search results, after Next, do a search for “ball wrap”. Number one, baby. Number one.

I wish I could bottle this and sell it, but I have no idea how this is happening.

Happy New Year

So far, our vacation is going as they tend to. Saturday was nearly perfect. We visited a horse ranch/wildlife rehab center run by my mom’s orthopod boss and his wife. The kids did a few laps on bareback and Elvi did a few laps on a shovel tractor and all were thrilled. Child One got carsick on the bumpy drive in from the main road and threw up just after our arrival, on the lawn. The numerous dogs loved the unexpected snack and one ran around for most of the day with the remains of his meal sticking to his terrier beard.

That night, we ate at Goode Company, one of the highlights of this city. I had the duck, of course.

We spent New Year’s Eve with Rice friends and the entourage they’ve gathered over the years.

There’s not much more to relate. I may meet Brett the Nicholl finalist this week.

Bonus wargamer query:

Has anyone playing Combat Mission had a truck explode into a thousand pieces from rifle fire at a range of 200 meters? I could swear that’s what happened in a recent game (Afrika Korps variety).

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