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Most of this week, I’ve been having a fascinating conversation with a friend of the blog, who found it because I mentioned her in item 16 of my list of 50 things you don’t know about me. She signed up to Facebook to get in touch with me. I thought I had my e-mail available on thsi blog somewhere, but it had disappeared. It’s available again at the Blogger profile page.

Our ensuing e-mail conversation is objectively odd. I only met Babs for an hour at most, nearly 25 years ago. I remember her because she had a memorable name and, a couple of years later, I saw naked pictures of her – and this was before the Web. (I’ve joked that the reason I went to Rice was that I thought all the female students looked like her. If you do an image search on her name, all you see is her merchandise and my kindly but idiot dog.) She doesn’t remember me at all (she claims). Isn’t it odd that we’ve tossed a dozen reasonably lengthy e-mails back and forth?

Yes, it’s odd – but maybe it’s not unexpected. We both went to Rice and we both adore the mountain state she lives in. She knew of and appreciated Netsurfer Digest. I’m fascinated by her family history.

So we chat. And get along well. She even offered me a new tour if I ever get out where she lives.

The title of this post derives from my work today. I submitted an invoice for my work in Alex’s room. Brilliance pays, I suppose. I also submitted claims for expenses. I still have to write a letter to a lawyer to get $1,200. The lawyer wrote a letter to tell me he should give me the money back, so I’m not worried about getting it.

In the financial outbox, I have checks to send out for the Irrational League 2008 and for summer hockey. Yes, I found a league to play steadily in, if only half-time and out in the West Island. Small steps….

In the near future, I have room notes to summarize from Thursday and Friday. Thursdays I put off because we had a poker night, followed by a morning fighting off a cold. Last night, I tippled a bit too much at our end-of-the-room visit to Café Méliès. I’ll get to those tomorrow. I have kid business this afternoon and a party to hit if I feel up to it tonight.

Bonus idea:

Le Social, a club on Bishop, has an open-DJ night on Tuesdays. Hmmm…. (I used to DJ parties at Wiess College that Babs never went to.)

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