Random amusements

Desmond Warzel’s unconventional short story adopts the format of a forum thread, were that forum devoted to time travel – the real thing, not the fictional. Warzel nails the tone brilliantly, from the clueless noobs to the exasperated mods. I only wish it went on longer.

Equally fun, but much harder for most people to experience, is the Bear Creek Saloon in the Montana wilderness. I’ve been there, twice, I think. The food and drink are adequate, the room engagingly antiqued, but none of that is why you go. Out back, the place has a dirt racetrack where it races piglets upon which you may wager. If you’re ever driving between Billings and Bozeman, it may be worth a detour.

Speaking of words that start with “ra” and end in “e” (“race” and “rate”, in case you were wondering), the Compare People application on Facebook lets friends – well, Facebook friends – rate each other in various skills and characteristics. It also sends out periodic e-mails to let you know how you rank. Here’s one I recently received:

Here is what your friends think about…

… your strengths:

best dancer
most dateable
most helpful

… your weaknesses:

most talkative

I’m talkative?

One thought on “Random amusements

  1. Ha! I randomly checked up on that today… and apparently, I’m 5th smartest. But my first is most trustworthy and my second is most likely to do someone a favour.

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