The playoff train will be delayed

Our Novice B team lost three games all year, once to the Rosemount Bombardiers, 2-1, and twice to our fellow NDGians on the Cougars.

Well, the Bombardiers took it to us Sunday. Child Three was in net and he made his stop. And another on a shot that had been whistled offside. He didn’t stop seven others and we lost 7-3 in a game we otherwise dominated. Two of our goals came in the last five minutes as the team finally decided to take to heart the advice I gave them before the game. I kept notes through the season so I knew that this goalie was amazing. He could cover the ice post to post and he got down quickly. I told my boys to shoot high. I’m guessing that three of our 30 or so shots were high. 7-3.

We are now in the losers’ bracket and one loss from elimination. We hope to eliminate the other NDG team, the Jaguars, tomorrow. If we keep wining, we’ll wind up with three more games to play than we would have had we won straight through.

The wife and Child One will be spending the next week in PEI helping some friends move. I have the moving friends’ dog, a voracious, oversized black Lab (I think he has some Great Dane or something in him) who only runs when he sees “another dog or a person or something interesting.” We no longer have a fence around our yard. (It is completely covered in snow. Didn’t I mention that? Pay attention.) Letting the dog(s) out in back to run and play and poop doesn’t seem to be an option unless I want to go looking for them afterward – although, it depends who takes the lead here. Crash trots to the front yard and rests on the snowbank until someone opens the front door.

I’ll stop bitching now before I get myself in trouble.

Bonus fanboy:

B. Glen.

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