Another swing at NSD

I find all these nifty Web sites that are too good not to share, and my old creative juices boil, and I have to let them out. That’s what blogs are for, no?

Cracked was once Mad Magazine’s drug-addled younger brother, but the magazine has really spread its wings since moving online. “The 9 Most Badass Bible Verses”, an article at the, analyzes nine passages from the Old Testament and rates them for sexual and violent content – mostly violent. The sequence starts at the ninth most badass passage (these are not all limited to one verse, strictly speaking), and the best action-hero line in the whole article – “looks like someone bit off more than he could Jew” – but keep reading, all the way to number one, in which David proves how much he really wants to marry Michal. Our favourite? Number eight.

Are you a freelance writer? Want to be one? Freelance Folder offers a list of 20 must-read blogs for freelancers. A successful freelance career is as much business as it is writing, and these suggested readings don’t overlook that. Freelance Folder is itself a blog, and is 20th on the list, so I suppose this is really a list of 19 must-reads. Best of all, this gives you someplace to pretend to work while you procrastinate.

A few Web sites out there let you build your own fonts, but not all of them let you share your fonts in a gallery or tutor you on creating fonts, and even fewer still do it all as elegantly as FontStruct. Creating the fonts is easy. It’s like drawing on a sheet of graph paper, but with many differently tipped pencils. It’s a bit overwhelming at first, but if you watch a video that FontStruct creator Rob Meeks put together, you’ll at least grasp how to use the tools at your disposal and you can concentrate on design.

Hmmm. Those seem short, even for NSD. Well, at least it clears three URLs off my desktop.

Bonus accolades:

IPMS/USA (the American division of the International Plastic Modelgeek Society) has a positive review of the Avia S-199 book. I wonder how much they’d offer a copy editor?


I had an odd dream last night, one that starred three of my current students and possibly a man I play hockey with (possibly, because I think he was a composite character).

I met them in a Metro station, one that doesn’t exist. I drove them around downtown Montreal in a car, but it wasn’t really downtown Montreal and it certainly wasn’t my car.

The weird part came after that. You know those dreams when you have to take a test and realize you’re naked? I had what must be the other side of that coin. I had a date with one of the students. I think I parked at the top of McTavish, and as we walked toward the McGill ghetto, I realized I was only in my burgundy boxers (those are real). We returned to the car so I could put my clothes on, but the student said it was fine and got down to her underwear. Then we got a parking ticket.

I spent most of Friday looking for more paying work. The most immediate dividend was an interview for a Web community position on Wednesday. Friday, I go to court to resolve this. That must be where the dream’s parking ticket came in.

The Indy that could have been

While I teach, correct, teach, correct, and hand out story advice in exchange for $5 worth of overpriced mediocre coffee, I don’t have much to relate to both you readers out there.

The wife, Child Two, and I did manage to go see “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” Saturday night and we walked out unimpressed. The logic of the thing stretched our belief to the breaking point.

If I were as energetically eloquent as Mystery Man, I could post 50 ways the movie could have been improved, but he’s already done that – in particular, with a comparison to the Frank Darabont take on the story that George Lucas rejected. Looky here.

Bonus fantasy baseball update:

Second place, baby. Go, Russ Branyan, go!

.284 batting average (1st)
112 HR (4th)
444 RBI (1st)
64 SB (4th)
4.17 ERA (4th)
1.34 WHIP (3rd)
30 wins (10th)
19 saves (8th)

I’m so low in wins because my two keeper starters, John Smoltz and Chris Young, have been out most of the year. I’m trying to trade my surplus shortstops for pitching, but all deals offered instead focus on stealing Beltran from me.