Nine pages behind

Once my summer course ended, I set myself a goal for August of three pages a day on this biopic. I want to finally nail it. I was on schedule until this cold took me out, along with some research work and job hustlin’. Today is August 13, which means I should be on page 39, but I’m only on 30, nine pages behind.

I hit a bump in my treatment. There’s a sequence with my lead in the US, a scene of him in Europe, and a sequence with him back in the US. That doesn’t work as well in the screenplay as it did in the treatment, which seems to be a weakness of mine. According to my treatment, this should happen before page 25 and I have obviously missed that mark. I understand why I missed it – I needed to add scenes to break up the monotony of a single plot line – but I’m a little worried that I didn’t catch it in the treatment stage.

I doubt I’ll catch up tonight. I’m in the middle of a writing test for a job with a major software developer. It’s an unusual test, but one right up my alley. The test doesn’t gauge writing or editing ability, but resembles a character sketch meant for a screenplay more than anything else. It’s as fascinating to write as it is to wonder at the company’s approach.

Tomorrow afternoon, I meet with a local producer about documentary research.

I probably shouldn’t have stayed out all last night drinking and eating with ELAN people, although I did learn one thing: don’t order a mojito at Viva (29 de la Commune E.). They make it creme de menthe and no sugar syrup that I could taste. Bleh.

Bonus T-ball update:

I haven’t had much to write about T-ball this summer. I’m an assistant coach so I have no decisions to make, but I am very impressed with Child Three’s progress in every aspect of the game. All the kids on this team have made huge strides and almost all hit the snot out of the ball now. During our first play-off game Monday, we had one kid catch a hard-hit fly ball in the outfield and another snag a line drive. That’s unheard of for rank-and-file quality eight-year-olds (around here, anyway). Game two of the playoffs is tonight, against the first-place team. We’d finished second overall but finally managed to beat them the last game of the regular season.

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