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Avia S-199 in Israeli Air Force Service

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Not much of anything this weekend as I battle a cold with a sore throat that feels like someone is sticking a knife from my throat up my Eustachian tube.

Elvi keeps singing, the kids keep watching Spongebob, and the puppy keeps pooping and peeing inside even after hours out playing on the lawn.

No writing, though. I can’t even think from lack of sleep. This cold and the throat kept me up most of the night.

Child Three finds work

I spent time last Saturday with Children Two and Three. They each auditioned for a voiceover role in a short film. It’s an unusual film, about the life of a child who was never born because the mother died while pregnant (I think that’s it…). The voice-over is the never-born child.

Child Three won the role against a half-dozen candidates. Good for him! It even pays, ever so slightly.

The afternoon was not a total loss for Child Two, however. The counter girl in the cafe we visited before the audition told Child Two what beautiful eyes she had and how she’d noticed them as soon as she walked in.

My work is going OK. It’s not paid, but I am making script progress. I got down a nice sequence late last night.

Books updates

I haven’t started working on the second book yet because we’re waiting on some new information in the form of photos to work its way back to us through the supply chain. It’s still a green-lit project.

I’ve also received an enquiry from a Czech publisher who would like to republish the Avia S-199 book in Czech. We’re waiting to hear the offer.

That’s about all the news, unless you want to hear more about my new career as a dog-bathroom attendant.

Bonus birthday wishes:

Happy 70th birthday to the most beautiful lady to ever fly. Looks, sound, and accomplishment – she had it all.


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