Sour Apple II

The client whose Mac Pro I inadvertently took out also had me move her laptop from Mac OS 10.4 to OS 10.5. That went better, at first. Yesterday, she told me her laptop started to act as if it were a new machine, asking for user info, and ended that sequence with a string of random letters and numbers.

That sounds like a kernel panic to me, which is troubling, but she told me that everything worked fine after she rebooted, so I’m going to ignore that for now. Her laptop has no crucial role to play or data to keep safe.

Alex covered the problems we had in upgrading his laptop the same way. We performed an Archive and Install upgrade there, which I hoped would avoid any problems.

You read his post, right?

He doesn’t mention the most bizarre aspect of his problem. The upgrade archived his own user, an admin account, but left two other users (with only user permissions) active.

We were left with a laptop that had no admin users at all, and because we had no admin privileges, we couldn’t create admin accounts to enable us to retrieve his archived admin user. Quite the catch-22.

Fortunately, Apple provides clear instructions for this sort of problem and Alex could get his old user account back by logging in as a root user. There are a few ways to do that, all explained at Apple’s site. In the end, as Alex explains, all he had to do was reinstall some applications.

I’m disappointed with Apple. Sure, these last weeks have ended with no harm, but a lot of time and effort has gone into solving these problems, and even though I’m paid handsomely for some of that time, I feel guilty about it. It shouldn’t happen. I hope Apple hasn’t jumped the shark, but I’m seeing signs of that if I look closely at all the small issues that have cropped up in Apple products over the last two years. I suppose the first sign was the iPod battery fiasco, which first cropped up in 2003….

Bonus golf clap:

Bravo, bicyclist on de Maisonneuve west of Decarie yesterday afternoon around 2:00. Sheer genius (and that time is it meant to be sarcastic).

See that bike path on the left side of the street (it’s one-way traffic)? Why weren’t you using it? Why did you bike for at least two and a half blocks to the right of the cars, forcing them to slow down and veer left into the bike path to pass you?

Clap. Clap. Clap.

What is it with bicyclists and drivers in Montreal? Bicyclists are either lazy or stupid, but traffic is stuffed up most places and drivers are getting antsy. I can say with no exaggeration that once a day I see cars turn from center lanes in order to avoid lines of vehicles waiting to turn legally. Particularly troublesome spots seem to be at Isabella turning onto both sides of Decarie Blvd. and the ramp onto the Decarie Expressway at Sherbrooke. Of course, all Decarie onramps are madhouses of multi-lane merges.

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