Small world

Child Two was in a production of “Seussical” this weekend.

The cast also contained my first roommate in Montreal, with whom I shared an apartment on the Plateau in the early ’90s. The Cat in the Hat was played by the daughter of two of my high school teachers, one of whom taught me Traditions (a course in Jewish culture) while the other taught me math and is now the principal of the school, to which Child Two is likely to head next year.

I had a brief but pleasant reunion with my roommate’s siblings. We used to play D&D; together, and they still play. Like I need more activities to attend…. Child Three has hockey practices Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, then games Saturday (two games, one of which is the all-star game) and Sunday.

He played a heck of game this past weekend, saving a point for the team in a 2-2 tie. I should have filmed that game….

Bonus funny:

My fellow assistant coach addressed our team in French before the game. I was preoccupied in another conversation and didn’t listen to what he said. I guess he told the team that he would speak to them in French, because when he finished, #3 cocked his head and spoke in his European accent, “Ce n’est pas français, c’est québecois.”

Auditorium again (spoiler)

I solved the level for Act 3 Spring, a.k.a. 3:6, of the Auditorium demo once I stopped trying to split the beam (or “flow”, in Auditorium parlance).

The solution:

Have one large attractor (“attract control”) pull the entire beam through the yellow filter (“color sphere”) and then counterclockwise to the right through the lower yellow amplifier (“container”). Place the left arrow (“directional”) so that it pushes the beam as it enters the three o’clock position and make it large enough to keep pushing the beam more or less on a straight line leftward through the upper yellow amp.

If done properly, the beam will continue to the left, pass through the blue filter, and through the rightmost blue amp. Set the second attractor so that it takes this now blue beam and curls it clockwise through the other two blue amps. The beam will naturally pass through the red filter and trigger the red amp when you do this.

Ta dah!

There’s actually one more level after 3:6, but it’s inconsequentially trivial; all it does is show off a rabbit button, which speeds up beams.