A little out of it

I have nothing to report because I’ve spent the last week vegetating in bed.

I feel odd, sick but not sick, flu-y with a flu.

For the past seven days, I’ve lived with a mild tension headache, muscle aches and pains all over, severe fatigue, a bloated feeling, clammy skin, chills, and a slight cough. It feels like a bad cold or flu, but I have no congestion whatsoever. Physically I can get up and move about – it feels like the morning after a hockey game – but mentally I can’t concentrate on anything.

Last night, we all went to Alex’s to play a game and it’s a good thing I played the zombies. I wasn’t in the mood to think much.

We’ve initiated the process of obtaining a new chinchilla, starting from scratch. I’ll write about that next time. My curly tail is limp from only this meagre effort.

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