Back on the job, kinda

Mono or not, I started teaching my summer grad course this week. Because the Journalism Department this year doubled the number of graduate diploma students from 20 to 40, I get to teach two sections.

I’ll be in school Mondays and Thursdays, teaching a morning and afternoon class each of those days for seven weeks. This past Monday and Tuesday, I started with one-hour orientation sessions. It was a good test of my stamina.

I managed the teaching well enough, although I’m not as good a teacher as when healthy. I don’t have the same energy and I zoned out once or twice more than I usually would. Nevertheless, I was effective and I didn’t give any of my students mono as far as I know.

The ill effects of teaching came after class. Monday, I got home about 4:30 and promptly slept for four hours. I woke up and ate and went back to bed but couldn’t fall asleep again until 3:00 a.m. Mono and insomnia do not a fun combination make.

The sunlight pouring through our bedroom skylight and hoodlum birds singing at dawn woke me at 5:30 Tuesday morning. I couldn’t fall asleep again but I still managed my 2:30 p.m. orientation session and I slept off the accumulated debt on coming home and feeding the kids while Elvi was out at her choir practice. I slept from 7:00 p.m. to midnight, 2:00 a.m. to 5:30 a.m. (damned birds), and 6:45 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. I’m back to feeling regular mono-tired today, which is manageable. Heck, I’m writing this. It’s functional and so am I, if not at the top of my game.

I’d like to write about what I deemed the best and worst of last week’s E3 with respect to gaming, but that requires too much thought. It’ll have to wait.

Bonus good news, everyone:

“Futurama” is coming back with more. Comedy Central has ordered 26 new episodes to air beginning in 2010.

June update

I was able to get a half day of work in yesterday morning, but I crashed at 12:30 p.m. I made some phone calls, dealt with a backlog of e-mail, and organized my schedule in the four hours I had. I suppose that’s something, but I’d prefer more tangible results.

June finds me way out front of the Irrational League with a 14-point lead over the second-place team. My lead fluctuates between nine and 15 points, but has stayed within that comfortable range seemingly all month.

I made a trade back on May 11, surrendering Ryan Zimmerman and Chad Qualls for David Wright and Javier Vazquez. I was worried about wins, WHIP, and ERA and could afford surrendering a closer with two others on the roster. And I think that Wright, despite his lack of power so far this year, is going to surpass Zimmerman in all categories. So far, I’m down three HRs, up three SBs, up 90 points of batting average, and up one RBI.

For the June 1 add/drop, I dropped injured Jeff Baker and picked up budding rookie Chris Coghlan, even though for now he stays in my reserves. I have nobody injured, and no one, I suspect, that’s worse than Coghlan. My other option was picking up a middle reliever to replace the injured Will Ohman or take a flyer on starter Antonio Bastardo or Troy Glaus. With my team firing on all cylinders, I preferred to go with the conservative choice after deciding that a middle reliever was pointless.

.288 batting average (1st by .010)
68 HR (4th, 3 HRs ahead of 5th)
338 RBI (2nd by 21)
47 SB (5th by 9 and only 3 SBs out of a tie for 3rd; I had only 15 SBs in April!)
4.13 ERA (4th)
1.30 WHIP (2nd)
28 wins (4th; had only 9 in April)
32 saves (1st, but I expect to fall to 2nd or 3rd this month)

Add it up and I get an impressive total of 65 points. The amazing thing about it is that there’s no real weakness, no way I can see this team dropping below, say, 59 points barring catastrophe.

Whoa, I’m pooped now. Might be time for a nap.