That time of month

The injuries to Carlos Beltran and Dave Bush have hurt my Angels with Crystal Balls, to the extent that my lead a week ago had shrunk to 4.5 points. Blame lies primarily with my pitchers, who don’t give up many baserunners but seem to give up more than their share of home runs with men on base. Check out that discrepancy between WHIP and ERA.

Chad Gaudin had a marvelous week to help start bailing, and the good ship is righting itself.

.284 batting average (1st by .012)
95 HR (5th, with the potential to quickly move anywhere from 2nd to 9th)
459 RBI (barely 3rd)
76 SB (tied for 2nd)
4.15 ERA (6th)
1.24 WHIP (2nd)
40 wins (4th and about to climb)
42 saves (2nd)

I’m in first by 7.5 points.

There was nothing left to add by the time it was my turn to add/drop. I could have added Omir Santos and dropped Yorvit Torrealba, but how much will that really help? Johnny Gomes was available, but he’s worse than any of my hitters. I settled on Pedro Feliciano, a decent middle reliever who might help me get that ERA down. I dropped the even more useless Cha Seung Baek.

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