Talking ’bout degeneration

I saw my GP last week and in addition to discussing and dealing with my fatigue, I also had some joint complaints.

For about two years, my right knee has been locking up once in a while. It only happens once a month or so, but has become more frequent, and the knee is stiffer. I can feel something medial to my kneecap (i.e. on the thigh side) grind when I bend the knee. That spot is sore once in a while.

My other complaint is my temporomandibular joints (TMJ). Once in a while, they suddenly get so sore that I can barely chew, even something as soft as a sandwich. The TMJs occasionally pop, like a knuckle crack, but that’s been going on for as long as I can remember.

Consensus is that my knee has a cartilage tear or possibly a loose body. My jaw – who knows. The doc sent my for X-rays, which you can see below.

The knee images are fantastic. You can make out the muscles in my thigh. The TMJ images are less clear, but should let you play doctor on the Internet anyway.

Note that the X-ray of my right jaw is flipped so that it matches the left side in orientation.

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