You learn a lot about yourself when you clean out your computer parts and cable drawer. I learned:

  • I collect a heck of a lot of phone cables.
  • Also Cat 5 cable.
  • I’m finally giving up on ADB connectors.
  • Except for one USB to ADB wire and the mouse for the Fat Mac in the basement.
  • I can’t yet bring myself to toss the 3.5″ external floppy drive.
  • I can get rid of the SonicWall router/firewall now that I’ve found its power adapter.
  • I have six eight archived internal hard drives to look through.
  • And one external hard drive.
  • Maybe I did have Elvi’s flashlight headband… or maybe it just re-appeared on her desk.
  • I can bring myself to toss the bulk of my destroyed and still beloved Thrustmaster FCS joystick (but I kept the pots and springs).
  • I have the strength to throw out my non-functioning expensive headphones instead of waiting for the day I’ll never fix them, in order to avoid new clutter.

Bonus job news:

Upon resubmitting my clip in the – ugh – traditional MS Word .doc format, I was hired by that publisher (I use that term loosely) I wrote about. The folks there accepted my first assignment without edits. Until I get into the swing of it, it’s only paying about $10 an hour but I should be able to at least double that with experience. I still have more lucrative irons in the fire.

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