Nasty news for news

No, not my thoughts. I’m on vacation in mosquito-infested western PEI. But I have run across some tidbits to interest those of us contemplating journalism as a living or hobby.

MarketWatch reveals that although newspapers’ online readership is growing, ad revenue is dropping, at least for the major publishers. Part of the reason, MarketWatch notes, is the current economy, which is a buyer’s market in ad sales.

I love this quote from Matt Wise, CEO of a Chicago-based ad network and someone who does indeed want to drive down ad prices. Nevertheless:

There’s an erroneous expectation that newspapers should be able to take their print product, place it online, and once again command those huge CPMs…. They still complain that, “The stuff we put online isn’t worth as much as what we put out offline.” And the reality is, the offline stuff isn’t worth that much either. It was just overpriced before.

More practically, the article discusses advertisers who want to target their ads not willy-nilly, but to select audiences. If you wanted to charge advertisers more than they would spend for Google Ads, you’d better provide better results.

Bonus video:

So to help you polish your fiction career, watch this on creativity. Yeah, it’s a TED talk:

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  1. The Times in London has started charging for online access… we’ll see how this works out, but the industry is f*!%ed here and everyday another paper or news outlet is announcing cuts… definitely not the time to (be or) get into the business of news… 🙁

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