I hate Bell: the sequel

After class Tuesday, I headed back to the Place Alexis Nihon Bell store to exchange the Turbo Stick that wouldn’t work on the iBook for a model that would. Thing is, the staff told me, the Novatel U998 was the only Turbo Stick that would work on a Mac.

Ha ha ha.

I cancelled the contract, returned the hardware, and went down the escalator to the Rogers kiosk. I could have chosen to add the Bell’s version of the Novatel Wireless MiFi 2372 for the same lack of cost, but I was so fed up, I couldn’t think straight – and even if I could think straight, Bell didn’t deserve our business.

Rogers has essentially the exact same plan with their Novatel Wireless MiFi 2372, which is a wireless router that connects to cell phone service. The kiosk in the mall didn’t have any in stock, but the salesman directed me to the Rogers store on St. Catherine, near Peel. As I was signing up for the service, our friend Stuart e-mailed me with links to iBook USB problems. The iBook’s USB permissions tend to go awry with time. A relatively simple software cleanup can fix the issue. By that time, though, I was committed to Rogers.

Now, pardon me while I adjust my knee brace so that it doesn’t cut off feeling to my foot.

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