Ow ow ow

It’s 4:00 a.m. and my knee is in serious pain.

My knee has been a bit out of sorts over the last year. It was a bit sore at times and would briefly lock up at other times. My mom the orthopedics office manager said I probably had a small tear in the cartilage.

I told my doctor about it last fall and he sent me for X-rays, which showed nothing. Yeah, I would have ordered an MRI, too, but I lived with it.

Yesterday, I lifted my dad from his bed to his wheelchair and later back again. I didn’t feel anything unusual in my knee, but it was the only physical effort of my day. My knee became more painful and a bit stiffer through the evening.

By midnight, my knee was in pain. I remember telling Elvi that it was the first time I would describe the knee as being painful rather than just sore.

I just woke up. I have close to migraine-level pain in my knee now, even at rest. If I move my knee away from the most comfortable 140-degree angle, it hurts more. I can barely walk. I hobbled to the bathroom for ibuprofen and it was excruciating.

I’m supposed to help get my dad to the hospital in a few hours but I’ll be lucky to make it out of the house unaided.

I really don’t need this now.

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