We have a diagnosis, maybe

A consultation with a neurosurgeon at the Montreal Neurological Institute (MNI) led to a neurological radiologist having a look at the the summer’s CT and MRI scans, along with the more recent CT scan. He detected a brain tumour!

That sounds bad, but as far as tumours go, there are plenty worse ones to have. The blood-brain barrier limits the damage it can do.

However, no other radiologist interprets the image to be of a tumour. They see a more prosaic periventricular demyelination, although the MNI radiologist presumably has more skill in this area.

The MNI will accept my dad as a patient – the surgeon calls him a “hot case” – so that is the short-term plan. First, however, we need a better image of my dad’s head. In Freeport, that’s limited to a CT scan, but this time the hospital will sedate him so he doesn’t wiggle. In order to sedate him, he needs to be admitted and we’re waiting for a bed.

We’re looking to buy or rent an electric hospital bed in Montreal so we have it ready when my dad arrives. Does anyone have any leads?

Bonus sarcastic site of the month:

If anyone asks you a question that can be easily answered at Google, reply with a link in the form of this URL: https://www.htsti.com/?q=xxxx where xxxx is replaced with the question. For example, if someone asks you what time it is in Newfoundland, send them this link: https://www.htsti.com/?q=time+in+newfoundland.

Unfortunately, https://www.htsti.com/?q=electric+hospital+bed+Montreal doesn’t turn up much.

2 thoughts on “We have a diagnosis, maybe

  1. Try the medical equipment rental place on Stillview, in the mall next to the Statcare clinic across from the Lakeshore hospital. They tend to have lots of stuff like that.

    Otherwise, let me know and I can see if my aunt, who sells medical supplies in BC, has any connections to suppliers or retailers in Montreal.

    Good luck and yey! Diagnostic!

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