I’ve been probed!

There’s something about being the subject of advanced medical devices that gives me a thrill. Did I ever tell you about the upper GI endoscopy I had at the Royal Vic when I was working there? There I was (snicker), hopped up on intravenous valium, when the doctor handed me the controls. I was high, controlling a camera through a tube in my throat, and watching the inside of my stomach on a screen. I recommend it.


I had my knee MRI last week. I always fall asleep during those things. OK, during the two MRIs I’ve ever had. Here are three representative images:

Hmmm, I probably should have changed the names of the image files. Oh, well.

I was a bit surprised to be able to see the epiphyseal lines so clearly.

My dad also finally had his MRI. He was asleep too but that was because he was under sedation. Neither one of us has a diagnosis yet, but I will find out mine tomorrow when I revisit my doctor.

One thought on “I’ve been probed!

  1. I too get a strange thrill… I refer to the photos of my larynx I posted on my blog several years ago… The time I had an MRI of my head I did ask them for pictures, but they never came… 🙁

    Hope you’re knee gets better and stays that way… same for your dad!

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