I started watching “Saxondale”. Despite stumbling into British comedy gems of the latter aughts like “The IT Crowd” and “The Inbetweeners“, I hadn’t heard of it before. That’s doubly surprising considering how much I enjoy Steve Coogan’s work.

The show lasts only 13 episodes, but it’s a hearty meal. The enjoyed the first season more than the second, although the second was funnier. Maybe it was the change in Tommy Saxondale’s hair.

Coogan is a master in the role. It may have helped that he was a co-writer of the series, but he creates a fantastic character, with body language and every nuance organic to the man. It’s quite something to watch. I could write an essay on the use of his lips alone.

The marketing of the show is odd. It focuses on the fact that Tommy was a roadie and is in anger management counseling. That’s true, but almost incidental to the show. Saxondale is an incredibly intelligent and principled man. Is there another ex-drunk/drug addict exterminator on TV who could give a speech like this?

OK, so there probably isn’t another exterminator on TV, but that’s beside the point. And so is the aviation-related rant.

(The large-figured lass in purple is Tommy’s girlfriend, the other woman is her friend, and the younger man is Tommy’s live-in employee.)

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