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I’m Webs. I’m a freelance editor, writer, and researcher. I also teach journalism at the university level. I was the editor of the late Netsurfer Digest. I dabble in multiplayer war games and screenplays.  I try not to start too many sentences with the first-person singular pronoun.

I really look like this.

You can reach me at webs@101squadron.com.

One thought on “About me

  1. I came across your blog about the Thunderdome unexpectedly and remember it in the day as well!!!

    It was brilliant, what I wanted was to know if you remember in the summer of 88 there was a brawl of some sort with a doorman and it was serious I believe. Do you know of this? Or recall at all hearing of this? It could get crazy but this night it was traumatic.

    Anyways, there is no other like it……and the young-uns are shocked that body painting was common place ! I recall it vividly!


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