Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Calling off the ACTRA dogs

Josa called me yesterday, to offer a deal. The production wants to pay my children through her rather than go through arbitration with ACTRA. The pay is the same - they surrender, essentially - but the producers don't like ACTRA chomping at their throats.

I called S at ACTRA to get her take on it. S explained how difficult a time she has had with the producers. She says that even getting the standard documents from them is like pulling teeth. These producers are exceptionally pig-headed, and S even said that they hate her.

Wow. Strong talk.

S was willing to let things go as Josa suggests. I think it will be best for all involved, especially since S stands ready to take up the fight again if necessary. I ought to buy her flowers for her perseverence. My kids aren't even in the union.

Josa was supposed to call me again today to finalize matters, but a few days more won't matter.

Bonus coverage:

Tonight was the last night of summer hockey. Here's what we look like after a game:


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