Saturday, August 13, 2005

The day marches on, and that promised movie review

Child Two stepped in a previously undiscovered puddle of dog vomit in a dark corner on the stairs. I'm not sure if it's new or leftover from the morning.

I've had two unsolicited comments from people who say how much they like my writing, and that I should consider writing for a living: my wife and my dad. Booker Prize, here I come!

I don't mind adopting a cliche, for "Valiant" was all cliche and reveled in it, so I'm comfortable in describing this as a film for the whole family. The animation was adequate, not at the level of "Shrek" or "Monsters, Inc.", but generally good enough to stay out of the way. An early shot of a buoy in the English Channel had me worried, though.

The movie takes place during the war, in May 1944. Kids will like the movie for its simple moral: don't judge a bird by his wingspan. Dads like me will enjoy it for the accurate, if brief, depictions of a Tiger, Hummel (?), and several Halifax (?) bombers. If the movie doesn't engage you, you can always play "Guess the Voice" if you go in not knowing the cast. Hugh Laurie and Ewan McGregor were easy to "spot". Others are harder.

The movie reminded me very much of "Chicken Run", and not just because it was birds in a military atmosphere. The tone is similar, as well, and while "Chicken Run" is the superior film, "Valiant" remains enjoyable for nearly all audiences.


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