Thursday, September 15, 2005

Me 'n' a producer

I worked on "101" a bit last night, motivated in part by meeting a fellow writer who also knows former 101 Squadron co-commander Lou Lenart (more on that meeting later, possibly). We talked a bit about Lou's drive to get a movie made, which led me to Google him last night.

I found a site belonging to a producer named Saul that seems to indicate that Lou and he are trying to get a documentary made rather than a feature. I knew about Lou's efforts to get a movie made, but I don't view it as competition. The more such projects the better, as that means more chance for the story to make it on screen, which motivates me more than the personal glory.

I found that the producer had, however, borrowed my 101 Squadron biography for use on their site, renaming the HTML document "101saquadron.html". They must have been typing in a hurry.

I'm normally quite liberal in sharing my material, but I do like to be asked or credited. Yet, I smelled opportunity here.

The situation resolved happily. See tomorrow's post.


Blogger Elvi said...

Wow. That takes balls. Not just word for word, but paragraph breaks, quotes, everything. So, didja call them?

September 15, 2005 6:49 PM  

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