Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Search for stowaway vermin

I dragged me tired bones to the main deck, and heaved the chest on casters fro'. Aaarrgh! The mice be treatin' the main deck like a poop deck, even to this day.

Serves me right for puttin' off a voyage to the hardware quartermaster. Ten lashin's at dawn!

We be still infested with the vermin, so as soon as my beauty, the Schedule, loughs sails in a moment of placidity, I shall drop the jolly boat and row for stores.

With a little nut butter, the tiny scalliwags will ne'er know what hit 'em!

Bonus toe update:

I good and cracked me injured toe against a chest today, but the little feller gamely hangs on like a baby at its mama's teat. Avast!


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