Thursday, October 27, 2005

Busy, busy, busy

My week is packed, primarily because Netsurfer Digest creaked back to life, which entirely befits this spookalicious season (I never feel quite right calling Halloween a "holiday").

I had three sets of assignments to correct for my classes. For the students past and present who visit this blog (shout-out to L... - nope, not going to, haha), here's some insight into a teacher's brain. When I first started teaching JOUR 202, the product of the LexisNexis assignment was a news article the students had to write. At some point, that changed to the current long list of short answer questions. That's not entirely laziness on the part of Leo, Matt (before he imploded), and me. The short answers are much easier to grade, but because of that, they most directly test the research skills - without all that fiddly writing obscuring the matter. But most importantly, it's easier and faster to correct.

Monday afternoon, I spent alternately trying to move to a new server and working on Child One's high school applications. I'm sure I did more, but I have no record of it. Oh, wait - Netsurfer. Sunday night, my publisher sent me a batch of Breaking Surf to whip in to shape for the issue that had been waiting for that since the first week of the month. I spent the day after class editing that. Good thing I had decided at the very last possible moment to get the Halloween issue in gear, or I'd be feeling pretty crappy about now. The Halloween issue should go out Saturday, maybe Sunday.

Tuesday was an Alex day. I tried to find people to talk to about the pilot/series. Anyone out there know people in the fashion biz who wouldn't mind spending less than a half-hour on a phone interview? I also corrected the JOUR 202 tests and assignments, took Child Three to hockey, and played hockey myself at night.

Yesterday was another teaching morning. I spent the afternoon on my final draft and polish of the short-film script I'm doing with Nearmiss. It's only OK. It tells the story, but I'm not entirely happy with the secondary characters. I wish I'd had more time for that.

In between, I did crap work for Alex. I found places for him to order blueberry bushes (not as easy as it sounds), tried to find out where he should report his neighbour's mess o' beef leavings, and pursued the true earnings per click of an online film site.

Today, I've wasted 20 minutes blogging. The rest of the day is Alex's. Tomorrow is more Netsurfer. Saturday, my kids are throwing a Halloween party. Sunday will be spent correcting JOUR 319 biographies.

By Saturday night, I'll be a hollow shell, ready to be filled. So, little journalists-in-training, what day and when is your Halloween party? I have a great hobbit costume....


Anonymous Naila said...

If only I had time to have a Halloween party! In fact, if I had anytime at all this Halloween,I'd be trick-or-treating with my bf's lil bro... who's 8 years old. But no, I'm working Saturday and Sunday all day, and Monday night.
And got JOUR 205 essay due soon. Thank God I got DTP1 done early! ;)

October 28, 2005 10:45 PM  

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