Tuesday, October 18, 2005


News@Concordia keeps a list of all blogs related to the university - well, at least those it knows about. 101 joined that blogroll last weekend, which explains the heavy traffic I see. Hi, all.

I had another screenwriters' meeting tonight. Anne was there, and she spouted how much she had enjoyed "Sheep's End". It was another small meeting, which means another productive meeting. I didn't leave with hte same prospects of work that I took away last month, but those didn't pan out anyway. I did learn of and skim what seems to be an excellent text on story: "The Marshall Plan for Novel Writing". Used copies seem to go for about $5 US, so I no doubt will order a copy somewhere. My only real question is why did I jot down "James Marshall" at the meeting when the author is "Evan Marshall"....

Bonus question for the Webosphere:

Anybody out there have a copy of the functioning, stand-alone HID Explorer application for Mac OS X?


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