Thursday, October 06, 2005

New mouse

I have managed to knock one errand off my list. The Concordia Bookstore is in the same building as the Journalism Department, so it was easy to buy a new mouse there.

I swung for the fences. I spent $80 (Canadian, after tax) on an Apple Mighty Mouse. Because of my small hands, the high arch of most mice aggravates tendonitis in my hand. The Apple mice are low, so I figured I'd treat myself. It's the second best mouse I've used - unfortunately, the best mouse I've used was a CompUSA house brand that the store no longer sells. My girls knocked the batteries out of it one day, and replaced them backwards. I recognize the smell of burning circuitboard in the evening. It smells like... defeat.

When I got home, the malfunctioning double-clicking mouse was no longer malfunctioning. I wasn't sure what I should do with the pristine, returnable $80 Mighty Mouse. Elvi pointed out that we need a back-up mouse anyway, so why don't I just keep it. She spoils me, she does.

I'll spell it out plainly, since no one else seems to: the Mighty Mouse has right click, left click, and scroll-button click (functionally although not physically). The side squeeze buttons are awkward to use, but you only have to squeeze one side. The scroll button works well, although I'd prefer it slightly larger.


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