Thursday, October 13, 2005


I gave Alex some notes this week and he seemed to appreciate them a whole lot more than the help with storylines on the girl project. That was encouraging. And schmoozing with others starts next week. I'm on the mule train to success!

Unfortunately, all those notes have slowed my own writing. I'm a day or two behind on my self-imposed deadline on the project I'm doing with Nearmiss. I should get the minimum done today.

I found a few more interesting screenwriting blogs and I've added them to the blogroll to the right.

Matt Watts is a TV writer in Toronto.

I Can't Really Film, but I Can Write Sometimes (henceforth referred to as I Can't Really Film) is a woman in San Francisco who seems to be at pretty much my level - a pro writer outside scriptwriting who is trying to break in. She also has some fundamental troubles she's trying to overcome, although with her it seems to be the spine of her stories. I'll be keeping on eye on her posts.

Shouting into the Wind is a woman in Los Angeles who has her own eye firmly keyed on the TV industry.



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