Sunday, November 06, 2005

New addition to the must-watch TV list

Sunday night has always been a good TV night for me, and I spend it now watching TV with my kids. We watch Fox/Global until 9:00, when the older two kids go to sleep.

At 9:00, I continue watching TV, usually. I'll sometimes watch "Family Guy" or whatever's on the (Canadian) Discovery Channel, but more often than not, I spend that half-hour with "Trailer Park Boys" on Showcase.

After "Trailer Park Boys", Showcase has a series called "Kenny vs. Spenny". I put aside time to watch it since discovering it a month ago.

It's a reality show of sorts. I don't usually watch reality television - I did watch the first seasons of "Survivor", "The Real Gilligan's Island", and "America's Next Top Model", but that's it. But this is fabulous.

Kenny Hotz and Spencer "Spenny" Rice are roommates, best friends, and deadly serious rivals. Each week, they compete to outdo each other in some bizarre accomplishment: who can drink the most beer without throwing up; who can stay naked the longest; who do old people like better. The loser must perform some humiliating task.

Kenny is a conniving jackass. Spenny is a neurotic shlemazel. Spenny has yet to win in any of the episodes I have watched.

Tonight's challenge was to determine which man old people like better. Kenny and Spenny each had to impress three senior ladies and win their favour. Spenny showed them a good time, with belly-dancing and a seminar with an accountant.

Kenny took the ladies for a manicure and invited them to his mom's house for tea, where they met his younger brother with Down's syndrome.

The ladies were impressed with how Kenny cares for and includes his brother, and voted 3-0 for Kenny as the man they liked better. Spenny was surprised to hear Kenny has a brother, but the audience wasn't. Kenny had hired a guy with Down's syndrome to pose as his brother to make him seem more likeable to the old ladies. Kenny's mother was in on it.

This is yet another symptom of the great Canadian TV renaissance - or is it just a naissance? "Corner Gas", "The Tournament", "Trailer Park Boys"... what a country!


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