Thursday, November 17, 2005

Some blogroll additions

I've added a new category of blogroll: Celebrity blogs. The list will remain small, because so few have any value at all, be it informational or entertainment. I've moved Roger Ebert's site there, where I think it belongs. I visit Wil Wheaton and Zach Braff's blogs every so often, but the addition was prompted by Scott Adams, who writes like I think.

Nearmiss is today submitting my name for the writer job that opened today. I will have to drop other work to make time for that, but what? Evrything I do now has some value: Alex gives me insight; NSD gives me steady dollars; Concordia is fun and profit. Looks like spec-writing and the Grateful Dead-based feature will have to go.

Today, the "Time and Space" short will ge a final pass, and I'll do the last review of other scripts for that project. Then I'll get down and dirty with the "Medieval" synopsis for Alex. Thank goodness NSD is again late.


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