Saturday, December 03, 2005

DUBB show Dec. 11

Elvi's band, the Disciples of Ursula Big Band (DUBB) has a minigig Dec. 11. They have entered Emergenza, an international battle of the bands sort of thing, and so that night will only have a half-hour of stage time.

It'll be an important half-hour, though, as a number of New York-based music execs will be in that night specifically to see DUBB.

The show is at Le Petit Cabaret, 4538 Papineau. The night's first band starts at 7:30 p.m. DUBB is scheduled to go on at 9:30. Of course, there will be DUBB T-shirts, thongs, and CDs on sale. And beer.

The next show after this is Jan. 7 at le Petit Campus on Prince Arthur, but Elvi won't be at that one.

The band's music is available from the iTunes Music Store, by the way.


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