Thursday, December 08, 2005


If you are reading this, it means that successfully transferred to the new servers I mentioned a number of weeks ago. The problem lay in the FTP config file. My extremely helpful host spotted the problem with some server admin software: the config file was not checking the "Allow overwrite" option. All is good now, and I wait for the new IP address to filter through the Net.

Let's see, what else.... I was quiet as a mouse while reading the newspaper in the kitchen yesterday morning - quieter, perhaps, since I heard scratching noises behind the fridge. The wall behind the fridge is an exterior wall, so the noises could have been a squirrel on the roof or climbing the brick. I need to get those new traps down - oh, Elvi just told me she set one behind the TV cabinet. I'll put another down in the kitchen.

I still haven't corrected any assignments. I really ought to do that. I've taken a two-day vacation, although I have completed some short spurts of work for Alex, including notes for the latest draft of the pilot script.

I have the kids' resumes done, and we got their school photos, which will serve nicely as head shots. All I have to do is write a cover letter and mail the package.

My back is killing me. I twisted something while scoring a goal Tuesday night. Yesterday, I had to come to a standstill while walking to school from my parked van. It's not a constant pai, thank goodness, but it acts up. I had to ask a delicate student to carry my bag back to the van for me, but I traded that favour to her in return for a lift to the Metro.


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