Saturday, December 10, 2005


I just watched the trailer for "Munich". Wow.

Maybe it's just because I'm partial to Israeli accents. Maybe it's that the success of "Munich" will lead to a movie about 101 Squadron.

Dreamworks SKG once upon a time optioned the first chapters of Ehud Yonay's "No Margin for Error", chapters that tell stories of the squadron during the Israeli War of Independence. Steven Spielberg is on record saying he's interested in the story.

David Mamet's script on the squadron's first Operation Velveta (the ferrying of half a dozen beautiful Spitfires from Czechoslovakia to Israel is also floating around the industry, unoptioned as far as I know.

Old readers will understand my passion (all those links up there belong to my Web site). I don't care if it's my half-assed 101 Squadron screenplay (hopefully to become full-assed one day) that makes it to the screen, just as long as it does. Although, if it's not my script, I sure would like to be a researcher on the film.

Chalmers "Slick" Goodlin passed away in October, not long after helping me confirm the identity of Bill Schroeder.

These guys are real heroes, volunteer heroes - although they hate being called heroes. Tough. Even were a production to get underway tomorrow, few of the remaining survivors would get to see it. Still, the knowledge that their story would make the silver screen (there has been one TV documentary) might be satisfying. It would be to me, but you knew that already.


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