Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Closing old threads

I can close two lines of commentary I've pursued in the blog.

The Craigslist grad student did reply to my e-mail. She's a DJ, and runs her own electronic music nights. Her tastes are more modern than mine, so I'm not sure her recommendations will draw me outside my warm home.

And the FAA finally responded to my query about a possible near miss in the skies over the western US. The Denver Air Route Traffic Control Center reviewed the flight track of my flight and found there were two instances during which other aircraft flew in close horizontal proximity - but maintained the required vertical separation.

The required separation under 41,000 feet is either five miles horizontal or 1,000 feet vertical. As long as that 1,000 feet vertical is there, the two aircraft do not break any regulation.

I witnessed the event correctly: the other aircraft passed above ours, 1,000 feet above. It was the rules I had wrong. And according to the FAA, I'm not the only passenger to have reported events like this one.


Anonymous maya said...

pff - my boyfriend is pushing 30 and he spins. in fact, most of the people are in their 30s when we go out to shows. the only you'd feel out of place is the same reason i do: everyone is about 6 feet tall and your face ends up in their armpits. after 4 hours of dancing that gets a little...well, uncomfortable.

why dont you ever ask your students if they want to buy your useless shit?

also, that flight incident is enough to make me kick the FAA in the ass. 1000 feet?!?!?! i can understand metres, but feet?! that's absurd.

*shudder* as if i'm not already nervous enough about flying.


February 8, 2006 6:38 PM  

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