Saturday, February 04, 2006

Saturday night's all right for Craigslist

Ever since I hooked up my new monitor, the old one has been taking up a good chunk of office space, boxing in Elvi's desk.

So I'm selling it on Craigslist.

You can do lots of things at Craigslist. If you're bored because the hockey game took place in the afternoon and your wife isn't home to distract you, you can cruise the romantic categories for kicks.

Sometimes, you'll see an ad titled "where are all the smart guys? - 33" (sic) and with anthropological interest, you'll open it:
wondering if there are any guys in this city who...

are smart but know how to be silly, have some degree of charm, are good listeners, are electronic music fans, like adventure, are open minded.

i'm a 33 year old grad student and audiophile and i like reading, writing, going to art shows, dancing, altered states, travel, record shopping, conversation, camping and good food, among other things.

if this sounds interesting contact me and we'll go from there...

I'm her dream date. I wrote her to tell that - well, and to ask her where in Montreal people in their 30s can go to dance to electronic music without feeling out of place. Is that wrong?

It's been 52 minutes and she hasn't replied. I think she hates me. I bet she lied about camping, too.


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