Wednesday, March 08, 2006

And the shoot goes on

"Time and Space" continues to journey from exercise to short film. Mario and his gang will be shooting exteriors on the hilltop on March 14, and at a comic-book store March 19.

I was surprised this morning to find an e-mail from Rich Redman in my in-box. In February, Nearmiss contacted Wizards of the Coast for permission to use a "Monster Manual" in the shoot. We got that permission verbally, but the company still wanted to see a copy of the script. Nearmiss sent that, but somebody misplaced the cover letter. Rich wrote to puzzle out why we sent a script to the company.

Apparently, Wizards of the Coast has an entertainment agent to look at scripts. Once I get the "By the Book" treatment done, it may be time to do a "Sheep's End" rewrite and find out if it could become the next D&D movie.

In Nearmiss's reply, with a copy of the cover letter, I finally learned our director's last name, so the the mix-up, at least from my perspective, certainly had its positive side.

The image up there is a first sketch of the "Time and Space" poster. Once completed, the director Marior will screen the short at the Roxie in San Francisco before it tours the film-festival circuit. While Nearmiss is handling most of the business side of shooting, she wants me to be the public face of the writing crew. As I'm known among the people for my natural rapport and social skills, I'll gladly wear that mantle.

In my next post, we will learn the history of the automobile, with respect to my ownership of them. It won't be pretty.


Anonymous Matt said...

Is this drawing an original? I love it. May I use it on a flyer sent to some Philadelphia area universities to promote an undergraduate student philosophy conference? It's non-commercial, and I'd certainly place a credit...please let me know if you'll let me (time is short on finding a good image). Thanks.

mpierlott (at) wcupa, dot, edu

September 20, 2007 9:58 PM  

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